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a fearless career

Gaurav Tiwari had done several TV shows:-

Bhoot Aaya
Appeared as a paranormal expert and lead investigator in Bhoot Aaya and describes a paranormal activity or the reason behind it. In couple of episodes he was also rewarded by actors for his contribution towards past life regression and paranormal investigation.

MTV Girls Night Out
Gaurav's second television breakthrough was MTV Girls Night Out directed by Sajeed A.. This show was India's first horror/paranormal reality show and it also won the Best Reality Show in Asian Television Awards, Singapore, 2011. A similar show/repeat was Haunted weekends with Sunny Leone.

Haunting: Australia
Gaurav appeared as a Spirit Photographer, Investigator, and Metaphysicist in Haunting: Australia. He was among one of the top six international ghost hunters for this television series which was appreciated all over the world including USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. In the most part of series he was seen showing some great courage, like going into the morgue chiller (Season 1-Episode 3-Aradale Lunatic Assylum), in order to find the truth about the hauntings going on in those particular areas and the "not-so-satisfied" spirits. He was well appreciated for his humanistic and metaphysical approach for paranormal investigations. He has captured many humanoid apparition or "ghosts" on his spectrum camera numerous times for which he was truly appreciated by the team. Despite being injured for a part of the show (due to a segway accident in the first episode), he never lost his cool and maintained his calm and courage all throughout the show.

International work
Through his research, blogs, international TV and Radio Shows, and articles, Gaurav has put his effort to educate people about paranormal awareness to bring down the irrational fear about ghosts and spirits. Gaurav Tiwari seems to be very famous among paranormal researchers and enthusiasts circles in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and many other parts of world. He was one of the best in his field.

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