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Date of death:   7 July 2016

Place of death:  Dwarka, Delhi

Cause of death: Suffocation,        (according to police)


Gaurav Tiwari was found dead at his Dwarka home on 7 July

According to Delhi Police, it was a case of asphyxiation, but several arguments against this theory were raised on social media and news networks. His body was found lying on his bathroom floor with a thin black line across his neck. According to his family, they heard a loud thud from his bathroom at around 11AM on Thursday. They forced their way through the locked door to find Tiwari lying unresponsive on the floor. He was rushed to a hospital but could not be resuscitated.

The mysterious death of Gaurav Tiwari created a lot of hues amongst citizens of India and it involved Police at the maximum level. At the time of the death, following incidents were reported by police:

  •  First there was a sound of a thud, like something dropping on the floor. Those present in the home even heard someone lunging at the latch of the bathroom. But when Gaurav Tiwari did not emerge from the bathroom for almost an hour and there was no sound of the flowing tap, nor ruffling sounds of pushing water from body, his wife knocked the door.​

  • She knocked thrice. And then, she, Arya Kashyap Tiwari, peeped through the window glass of the bathroom and screamed. A neighbour heaved at the door, almost fell inside by the impact.​

  • The family members did not notice a deep black mark on his neck, they had to rush him to the hospital. An hour-and-a-half later, Tiwari breathed his last, even before the doctors could put him on the ventilator.



Cops suspected this was a case of Homicide, while IPS members claimed that the death was due to some evil forces.    






The cops and the doctors were not able to offer a concrete answer about the black mark on Tiwari’s neck.

Tiwari often narrated during dinner table conversations, that these signs are signs of revenge of spirits in distress. His family believed him at times, mostly ignored him. ​

But the cops at the Dwarka Police Station were not satisfied with such theories, a Deputy Commissioner was pushed into the investigating team that looked into the case of a possible murder.

The cops found enough information from friends of the family that Arya suspected her husband of infidelity.

Tiwari's father told the Times of India that his son was feeling "a negative force was pulling him towards it." 

Meanwhile, Australian paranormal investigator Allen Tiller who was working with Tiwari on a Syfy TV series 'Haunting: Australia' told his fans on Facebook that Tiwari had a heart attack.

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