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Gaurav Tiwari (Hindi: गौरव तिवारी)

(2 September 1984 – 7 July 2016)


CEO and Founder of Indian Paranormal Society.

Gaurav Tiwari was born in a Hindu family. His father Uday Shankar Tiwari is a director with Cooperative Resources International. Gaurav was a commercial pilot and an actor. Gaurav also played character roles in television serials and movies like Tango Charlie16 December, Sach Honge Sapney. He started his career as an actor at the age of 16 but eventually took up his career as a pilot. Gaurav has graduated from MVP Aero AcademyTexas. In his early days of aviation, When he shifted into his new apartment in Florida with his friends, there were certain unexplained instances that lead him to believe that the house was haunted. These experiences changed him to a believer from a non-believer in paranormal. He endeavoured to know the truth of humanity and afterlife. He was certified as a Lead Anomalous Investigator by Paranexus Association of USA.

He came back to India in 2009 and established Indian Paranormal Society which set himself up to people in India who suffer with paranormal and life problems. Gaurav persued his Doctoral studies in Metaphysical Humanistic Science. He held certifications as a Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotist, and Life and Relationship Coach from Institute of Metaphysical Science (IMHS), Florida, USA. IMHS is a Secular organization believing in Humanism and scientific research. He was also an ordained minister for Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science(MCHS) and holds a title of a 'Reverend'. Gaurav was also a cartoonist, singer, and writer.

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