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                                    NAME -                            ARYA KASHYAP 

                                    MARRIAGE  DATE -       28 JAN 2016


                                    Gaurav tiwari got married to Arya

                                    Kashyap on 28'th jan. 2016. Gaurav Tiwari's

                                    wife revealed later that Gaurav had confided

                                    in her that he feared the presence of an

                                    uncontrollable negative force which

                                    was pulling him towards itself.

                                    His wife also said that she had not

                                    taken him seriously, thinking that it

                                    was work stress that was making

                                    him feel uneasy.



Screenshot 2018-12-08 15.11.32.png

Paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari died under 'mysterious' circumstances at his Delhi apartment, his wife Arya says Tiwari was upset because a "negative" spirit was troubling him.

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