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Gaurav Tiwari: Ghost hunter, who was hunted by ghosts? Or was it a murder?

Commonly referred to as the father of Indian Paranormal arena, Gaurav Tiwari truly brought the ghost hunting passion to India. He was the one who established the Indian Paranormal Society, and gave his heart and passion to enriching it.

Gaurav always said that ghosts are there but he never said that we can be sure about the nature of the ghosts. He liked to refer to them as energies, and was very much inclined towards using scientific methods such as EMF meter, EVP meter etc to detect the presence of unexplained 'energies'.

But, in a twist of fate, Gaurav's body was discovered in the bathroom, in early morning, inside his own apartment, while parents and wife were present in the house. There was no reason for him to commit suicide, and his fans still don't believe that it was suicide. Neither do we.

Ghost Angle: Gaurav mentioned to his wife that there is some negative energy which was trying to take over him. We spoke with some of his colleagues and got to know that they also felt that Gaurav was not his 'real self' during his last days (as in they felt something was not quite right). Ironically, Gaurav used to mention that death due to a line on the neck could be a demon mark, especially if no other concrete evidence of suicide could be found. So, a lot of fans actually still believe that it could be a ghost that followed Gaurav all the way to his house. Actually, even since Gaurav returned back from his Australia shooting tour where he went to some very haunted places, he has been complaining about negative energies. Some people we spoke to also said that a 'Gynn' (word for a type of ghosts in Islam) could've been responsible for the demon mark.

Murder Angle: Believe it or not, but during the investigation of Gaurav's death, homicide angle was also explored by the police. Gaurav's close aides told us that police investigated Gaurav's servant as well as questioned many of his close friends. However, murder is a very twisted theory because Gaurav was found in his own apartment's bathroom, while his parents were present. So, how did that happen. We have heard some theories around it, but they are very weird and complicated and it would not be very ethical to mention them here. However, we will give clues for people to find out for their own.

Bottom line is that Gaurav's death still remains very much a mystery, but one thing that we can say for certain (atleast from our own conviction and research) is that Gaurav did not commit suicide.

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