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Gaurav Tiwari's mysterious death reminds many of Sheikh Farooq who also met his end under inexplicable circumstances (25 july 2016)

Ghostbusters are in the news after the death of Gaurav Tiwari, CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society. It is pertinent to remember that the tragedy took place in Sector 19, Dwarka, which is not very far from the cemetery and crematorium developed is Sector 24. His mysterious death has been attributed to suicide by self-strangulation at a time when he was under great stress because of what he claimed was a negative force that was opposing him. One recalls that many years ago an Afghan staying in the Jama Masjid area after fleeing his country following a blood feud was found dead, sitting in his chair and looking up at the ceiling with a weird expression that reflected intense horror. Khan Sahib was an old man and one who was greatly interested in the supernatural, which often kept him occupied till late at night. His death was a mystery that was never solved. Some thought his hereditary enemies from Kabul were responsible for it but most residents of the area were convinced that it had something to do with ghosts and spirits. The Maulvi Sahib who sold perfume in Matia Mahal market and acted as exorcist too was convinced that supernatural forces were to blame.

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