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Movie Trailer - Who Killed Gaurav?


This movie is inspired by the life and death of paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari, however, a lot of fictional, dramatic, and mythological elements have been added to make the story more intriguing and cinematic. Hence, the resultant story is a work of fiction & any relation with any person or events, living or dead is purely coincidental.


The movie is about a guy named Gaurav, who is a usual IT sector young lad with an unusually curious, logical and a strong character who is a disbeliever in paranormal things but after some dramatic incidents, he changes into a paranormal investigator and dies in a very mysterious way, which is being investigated by a police officer who carries equally strong, rational and a logically minded personality who unfolds various possibilities about Gaurav's death and finally finds himself in the same place as Gaurav was before his death.

Behind the Scene & Movie Stills

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